TPO upholds complaint against British Airways Health Services

A recent article (13th July 2020) in Pensions Age has come to ABAP’s attention. It says “The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) has ordered British Airways Health Services (BAHS) to reconsider its decision not to award a New Airways Pension Scheme member (NAPS) and BA pilot ill health retirement benefits.”

The complainant, a member of NAPS, was initially granted an ill-heath pension which was withdrawn four months later by BAHS, following a consultation with one of their doctors, where it was determined that the criteria for ill health retirement were not met.

Where ill-health retirement is under consideration for a NAPS staff member, Rule 14 of the “NAPS consolidated trust deed and rules” covers the subject in detail. For APS, ill-health retirement is covered by Rule 12 of the “APS rules part VI”. Both of these documents are available from the BA Pensions web site.

A  selection of decisions made by the Ombudsman relating to BA can be found here: