NAPS Trustee Board Restructuring

The NAPS Trustee has just announced (7th May 2021) that changes are to be made to the Trustee Board, following a review of its structure. The demographics of the scheme are evolving and there is now an increasing number of pensioner members compared to serving staff. This undoubtedly reflects the changing employment situation at the airline which has been accelerated by the economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

6 directors of the board are appointed by British Airways and 6 directors are elected by staff and pensioners – member nominated directors (MND)

Four  MNDs currently represent these specific constituencies of serving staff members:

  • Administration & rest of Management
  • Cabin Crew
  • Engineering, TMG & Ground Services
  • Pilots

Two MNDs currently represent pensioner members.

The NAPS Trustee has decided to increase the number of MNDs representing pensioners to three and reduce the number representing staff to three covering:

  • Cabin Crew
  • Ground Staff (merging the Engineering & Administration constituencies)
  • Pilots

Cabin Crew will remain represented by Neil Blackburn, pilots by Ian Bretherton and as the Engineering MND role is currently vacant, Dave Southcott (currently the Admin MND) will assume the role of MND for all ground staff.

Of the three pensioner MNDs, Neil Cotterell  has been recently elected, Jack Wheale’s current term of office comes to an end on 30th September 2021 and there is now an immediate vacancy for a third pensioner MND. Mr. Wheale intends to stand for re-election.

As a result, the NAPS Trustee is seeking nominations for two MNDs to be elected by the pensioner constituency.  The attached letter below has been sent out to all NAPS pensioners.  NAPS members who are receiving their pension and who have previously been employee members of the Scheme are entitled to seek election to become a Pensioner MND and vote.  Details of how to do this are included in the letter.

The ballot for both the immediate and forthcoming MND vacancies will be held simultaneously subsequent to the close of nominations (5pm on 24th May 2021), subject to there being more than one candidate for each vacancy. Should only one candidate stand for each vacancy, they will be appointed on the next business day after 24th May 2021 or 1st October 2021.

Trusteeship of a pension scheme carries very significant responsibilities and to gain an idea of what is involved, The Pension Regulator offers a learning programme entitled “The Trustee Toolkit“. ABAP recommends prospective MNDs to review this.

N.B. Deferred members of the scheme who have left BA’s employment and have not yet drawn their pension do not have MND representation.