NAPS MND Election Result

Following the close of voting in the second election this year for NAPS Member-nominated Trustee Directors (MND), we’re pleased to announce that ABAP’s recommended candidates Kate Gay & Jack Wheale are elected to serve a five-year term.  Jack has previously been a pensioner MND and we welcome back his wealth of experience. Kate is new to the role but we’re sure she’ll make an excellent MND.  We also thank Keith Kerr for his candidature.  It’s good to see scheme members ready and willing to perform these demanding roles as stewards of our pensions.
This completes the NAPS Trustee Board restructure of 3 MNDs representing serving staff in the “active deferred” constituency and 3 MNDs representing the pensioner constituency.

There is due to be a further election for the MND representing Cabin Crew, where the current incumbent Neil Blackburn is standing for re-election. A call for candidates will be issued very shortly.

BA’s recently appointed external independent trustee, Martine Trouard-Riolle has stepped down, to be replaced by Dalriada Trustees Ltd represented by Tom Lukic.