NAPS MND Election & ABAP’s recommended candidate

Five candidates are standing for election in respect of the vacancy for a pensioner member nominated trustee director (MND) on the NAPS Trustee Board. The successful candidate will be elected via a ballot of all eligible NAPS pensioner members and will be appointed to the NAPS Trustee Board on 1st April 2021.

ABAP recommends NAPS members to cast their vote in favour of Neil Cottrell.  Neil worked for BA for 35 years, joining in 1985 and finally retiring in March 2020.  During his career, Neil held a variety of highly responsible positions in Information Management, Commercial, Operations, Crew Planning and Strategy.  Neil was also BA’s appointed non-executive director in two external companies. He has assisted with PricewaterhouseCoopers (The Trustee’s covenant advisor) determinations on NAPS employer contributions. ABAP believes that Neil’s evident skills and abilities equip him well to now work on behalf of NAPS members as a trustee director. We wish him every success in this election.

While our recommendation is for Neil, we are very pleased to see five candidates presenting themselves for election and we thank them for putting themselves forward for a highly responsible role at possibly the most difficult time ever experienced by BA and the aviation industry.

The ballot will open on Tuesday 16th February 2021 and voting will close at 5pm on Monday 22nd March 2021.

BA Pensions have engaged an independent election and ballot services company, Civica Election Services, to facilitate the ballot. Civica will handle all email and postal communications for the ballot, with voting packs sent by email (to members registered for online pension communications as of 31st January 2021), or by post, on 16th February 2021. The voting packs will include election statements for each of the five candidates.

As the emailed voting instructions will arrive from Civica Election Services, rather than BA Pensions,  all eligible pensioners registered for online pension communications will receive an email from BA Pensions to alert them that they will receive an email from on 16th February 2021. We recommend that members ensure that this email address is on their safe list so it does not accidentally get tagged as junk mail.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, members who receive paper voting packs will be able to cast their vote by telephone or online. Details of these options will be included in the voting packs.

BA Pensions will publish the election results on the Latest news page of the NAPS website as soon as possible after voting closes.