ABAP Membership Portal – Check & Update Details

To check and update your details on the ABAP Membership Portal – from the Portal home screen (see How to Navigate ) select the Profile button on the screen or the Profile menu option.

This is the summary Profile screen showing contact details and the current Membership held.

Then select “Member details” to display:

This shows your name and contact details. To update simply overtype the relevant field and press “Save”.

For UK addresses start typing your address and the system will auto-fill the rest for you. For non UK address select “Enter Address Manually” and fill in the full details.

If we only hold your initials it would be helpful if you could add your full first name.

Select “Association” to see the ABAP specific data we hold about you.

If any of the information is incorrect please update and select “Save”.

Please note the Member Since field is not populated for the majority of members as we have not collected this information.