ABAP Membership Details – new database

We have now moved all of the ABAP membership details to a new database. This has been a significant exercise for a small number of volunteers .

Our new database is provided by Hello Club. They provide a club and membership solution used by a large number of associations across the world. We reviewed a number of options, and they provide the best fit for our requirements.

Benefits to our members

  • Access and update of details on demand, or by the Association – the choice is yours
  • Easy check of membership status before renewing.
  • No need to enter details on renewal, just check they are up to date and renew online.
  • Fully encrypted & secure payment available
  • Payment by standing order, bank transfer and cheque are all still available.

Benefits to the Association

  • To provide a better value for money solution to store ABAP member’s details
  • To enable us to ensure the quality of the information we hold.
  • To address some of the data quality issues that have plagued us in recent years.

Membership Types

We have taken the opportunity to simplify memberships and move to banded rates. This was approved at our recent AGM.

Deferred Pensioner                 £6.00

Serving Staff                            £6.00

Pension up to £6k                     Free

Up to £10k                              £8.00

Up to £20k                              £15.00

Up to £30k                              £25.00

Up to £40k                              £35.00

Up to £50k                              £45.00

Up to £60k                              £55.00

Over 60K                                 £60.00

Please do note that if members wish to join a higher or lower type than your pension dictates that is not a problem and as ever entirely at members discretion.

What happens next

In the coming weeks we will issue a series of “How To” guides , including access from our web site, checking and updating details and renewing membership.

If there are any questions please do email membership@abaponline.org