Meet the committee

Mark Fielder

I had a near 40 year career at BA in a variety of roles from 1976 to 2015, initially in Avionics then in IT, retiring in December 2015. In 1984, I chose to remain in APS rather than transfer to NAPS. In the final stages of my career, I was also a senior staff representative in the GMB union, of which I am now a life member. From April 2014 to December 2019, I was involved in the BA v APS Trustees legal action as the Representative Beneficiary (someone who is representative of scheme members, allowing various legal arguments to be explored in court). I believe that we must collectively work together to ensure all BA staff get the pensions to which they are entitled, whatever scheme in which they are members.

Graham Tomlin

Worked in avionics with Westland Helicopters designing the avionic systems of the Lynx helicopter. Avionic development engineer at BA with primary responsibility for ground proximity warning systems. BA rep at the AMC Avionics Conference. Tools and equipment manager. Other experience: Trades union representative 30 years. Local councillor 16 years. Leader of the Labour Group 3 years. Pension trustee 16 years. School governor 30+ years. Currently CEO of Credit Union Solutions a not for profit service provider for Credit Unions

Dave Gunner

Membership Secretary
Joined BEA in 1960 after working for five years with the Middlesex County Council. Five years as clerk then supervisor in Export Cargo. Aircraft Dispatcher from 1965 until 1979, then Duty Officer, Terminal Controller, Ramp Superintendent and finally Manager Ramp Services. Local Trade Union activist since joining company, Staff Rep, Local Panel Rep and Trade Union Branch Secretary. Retired 1994 then set up in business as Courier. NAPS pensioner trustee 2003 until 2006. ABAP member since inception and participant in ABAP activities since 2003.

Joel Kosminsky

Committee Member
Joined BOAC 1969 as a General Apprentice: worked in Traffic (Victoria), Reservations and Marketing until 1982, when I left BA. Gained a BSc at Middlesex Poly’, then joined London Transport, and latterly South West Trains before retirement in 2011. Main Interest is protecting our annual pension rises. I was an APEX and TSSA union rep and served on TSSA's Executive Committee for six years; I also was a lay Trustee for the Transport Benevolent Fund 2004-11. In retirement I have continued my union associations in TSSA’s Retired Members’ Group and I represent my union at the National Pensioners’ Convention, the TUC's LESE region and on the TfL Pensions Consultative Council.

Debbie Payne

Committee Member
41 years with BA, mainly in Flight/Global Operations. Did spend some of my early years in the 80’s working in BA Pensions at Kershaw House. Served as a Unite Trade Union Rep for 6 years up until I left the company towards the end of 2020. Goals: to keep BA Pension schemes protected and to ensure that women are represented, fully supported and receive equal pension benefits.

Tom Mitchell

Committee Member
42 year career at British Airways 1972-2015 including Reservations, Fares and IT. Member Nominated Trustee Director of Airways Pension Scheme (APS) 1999-2020. Highlight: Enabling Discretionary APS Pensions Increase from CPI to RPI. Main outside interests: Travel and Horse Racing.

Ray Smith

Committee Member
Joined RAF 1957. BEA Radio/Radar Technician 1971. Shop Steward EETPU 1980. After merger with BOAC as BA, in TBA on aircraft maintenance, later TBD when workshop moved to Wales. Retired from BA 2004 & joined ABAP. Served on ABAP Committee 2007. Elected 2008. ABAP liaison with Occupational Pensioners' Alliance. Interest: Overall security of our BA pensions.

Simon Green

Committee Member
7 years in BA in IT, Marketing&Ops Finance and Brands Management, culminating in the successful relaunch of Club Europe in 1992. Followed by consultancy for major UK and global brands in maximising the value of customers through acquisition and retention, communications, product development, and overall customer experience. Main interest: Ensuring the value of defined benefits schemes is maintained and enhanced through the Association and that associated processes and communications are effective..

Bruce Wilmot

Committee Member
Serving Aircraft Technician of 38 years and currently in the role of Convenor for GMB Union in BA Engineering. Deferred member of NAPs and active member of BAPP. I was part of the consultation team that fought against the closure of NAPs and whilst ultimately did not achieve that goal gained substantial improvements for the replacement Scheme BAPP.

Peter Saxton

Committee Member
Twenty six years a professional pilot, six of which were as a BALPA PLC Chairman. Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Cranfield School of Management. Doctorate in management science at Cranfield University.
Thirteen years a senior manager with British Airways including Manager Terminal Four at Heathrow, and head of Operations
Control. Founder member and owner of business consultancy now in its nineteen years of successful trading. Visiting lecturer on business studies at Cranfield Business School, and Visiting Fellow at King’s College London.