ABAP was formed in the early 1990’s and in the interval has built up invaluable experience of the pensions industry. The age profile of our membership is young and getting younger and we mean business.


We hire in the right professional experts, including actuaries and lawyers, so that we can properly question the actions proposed by the airline. This is an expensive exercise, well beyond the financial reach of individual members. Without ABAP, individuals may have to rely on only the information provided by British Airways Pensions.

ABAP has gained recognition from the British Airways Trustee Boards as the representative organisation for pensioners and those with deferred pension rights. What’s more the Chairman of the Trustees meets with us twice a year.


• We represent your financial interests in the BA pension schemes.
• We make representations to BA and/or the Schemes Trustees and progress any disputes or differences
• We offer advice to individual members who are in dispute with BA or the Trustees on pensions matters.
• We liaise with other associations, trade unions and other bodies concerning BA pensions.
• We own, maintain and continue to develop our own website: www.abaponline.org
• We keep a watching brief on the security of the Fund(s) to safeguard all members’ interests, and take appropriate action when required.
• We issue public statements on important issues as and when needed.
• We’re invited to comment and negotiate whenever any important matter is discussed.
• We issue regular Newsbriefs to members home address for those who do not have access online.